About Us

Our Vision:

As a project supplier:
We strive to be the number one supplier for Saudi Arabia for direct project supply of bathroom fittings, fixtures, tiles, Sanitary ware and plumbing materials by tailoring our selection of products to meet a customer’s exact needs.

As a wholesaler:
Gulf Range offers full loads and broken bulk on invoiced supply.  We develop and maintain a reputable presence in all of the markets in which we operate. 

Why Choose Gulf Range?

Gulf Range does not believe in anything less than quality and variety for all of our customers.  Thanks to our strong partnerships with lead brands, our large diversity of products and services is always top-of-the-line.

Resellers that offer high-quality products cannot hope to thrive without offering equally high-quality customer service.  At Gulf Range, we tailor to every last one of a customer’s needs in order to guarantee that we leave them with only the finest bathroom.

We work closely with our clients’ budgets, ensuring that no matter the restrictions, they receive the best items and services we offer. 

Environmental Responsibility
Gulf Range distributes products focused on water efficiency and sustainable solutions.