Our Supplier

GULF RANGE  represents over 10 of the world’s leading manufacturers, most of whom are exclusive within the markets in which we operate, in particular the SAUDI ARABIA . Giving our clients  wide range of quality product enables us to compete for any project. Relationships with our suppliers are built on trust and support and have developed over several years as we seek to conclude business deals that satisfy the needs of our suppliers, our clients and ourselves.

1-www.vado-uk.com 2-www.bagnodesign.co.uk 3-www.plumbex.co.uk 4-www.geberit.co.uk 5-www.multikwik.com 6-www.reginox.com 7-www.bossini.it_en 8-www.sanit.de 9-www.aquazone-online.com 10-www.aquazone-online.com 11-www.aquazone-online.com 12-eurobath 13-www.americanspecialties.com